Improving customer acquisition and retention

For over two decades, Distinction has driven quick, lasting change to businesses wanting to acquire and retain more customers or members.
Improving customer acquisition and retention

Convert more prospects, keep more customers

For over two decades, Distinction has crafted roadmaps to acquire and retain your most valuable customers.

Solutions tailored to your unique problems

Understanding the complexity and subtleties of conversion and retention challenges, we've developed a customer-centric process specifically designed to identify and address these issues.

A proven 5-day sprint process

Our innovative collaboration sessions are designed to keep you and your team fully engaged, whether participating in person or connecting remotely.

Dedicated team of experts

We fully commit by providing you access to our team of award-winning strategists, designers, and developers, all without the need for a single job posting.

Research insights

Our research and testing methods ensure your plan will be a success. That is why they are yours to keep at the end of the sprint.

90-day roadmap

You'll receive your bespoke actionable 90-day roadmap that has been built to hit your goals.

Next steps

We stand firmly behind our strategic plans, offering you the flexibility to proceed independently or leverage our expertise for implementation, should you choose.

Convert more prospects, keep more customers

Brands that already trust us.

Diagnostic sprint
Identify the root cause issues holding you back, benchmark what good looks like, and create a plan to unlock your full potential. Our Diagnostic Sprint is a comprehensive assessment designed to identify the root cause of your customer or member acquisition and retention issues.
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We work with the world's leading technologies to give our clients a competitive advantage.
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