Crafting digital products since 2001

We turn disrupive, growth-stage startups into key players.

We champion the underdog, and level the playing field.

We validate ideas, launch and grow digital products, and help businesses reinvent themselves.
Photograph of Distinction office building, showing mezanine floor with desks.

A flexible business model fit for today's challenges

Consulting model

Together, we'll set the vision, strategy and goals, then we'll take the reins and deliver on time and budget.

Integrated model

We'll embed our team in yours, working as one, to plan and deliver your project with speed and efficiency.

Industry recognition


Our beliefs

The successful delivery of our work hinges on a set of core beliefs.

It’s how we work, and how we get stuff done.

Beta today.
Better tomorrow.

We are comfortable making strides today even if we’re unsure what tomorrow will bring.

We keep moving.
Keep improving.

Be reasonably unreasonable.

Conventional thinking doesn’t shape the future, diversity of perspective does.

Innovation happens when questions are asked.

Small teams for the win.

Small teams bring flexibility, speed, expertise, clarity, decisiveness, and motivation.

Nothing stops a project as fast as decision by committee.

Go 'all in'.

Healthy teams are committed to the cause, even if individuals would’ve chosen a different path had they had their way.

Results are hard to achieve without collective commitment.
What makes us worth talking to?

Why choose Distinction?

One project, one team

We spin up a dedicated team to work exclusively on your project. From the moment we start working together, we're never distracted by other projects. It's all about yours.

Specialised focus

Unlike consultancies and digital agencies, we're focused 100% on the creation and growth of digital products. Our knowledge, systems and processes are finely tuned.

Full product lifecycle

Our expertise covers the full product development lifecycle, from research, through design, development and launch, to ongoing support. There's no knowledge lost between phases.

Transparent collaboration

Our team will work with you like it's an in-house team. Daily communication, transparent dashboards and agile boards, and shared Teams/Slack channels are the norm.

Tech with a creative edge

Every project team includes a blend of strategists, techies and creatives to ensure no stone is left unturned.

Our story

Distinction was founded by two brothers - James and Greg Bloor.

After short, impactful stints in high-growth businesses, in the midst of the dotcom crash they decided to take a leap of faith and create their own.

Distinction is a specialist digital product studio. We've written about what a digital product studio is, how they are different to a digital agency, and why you should hire one.

Over 20 years later, we've helped over 400 founders and senior leaders across 11 countries start, grow or transform their businesses.

Our team has grown from two founders, to a diverse, global, multi-disciplined collective that spans three continents. We love to collaborate with other like-minded partners around the world.
Photograph of Distinction's BIMA awards

The latest news from Distinction

Obu x Distinction win two BIMA awards
November 22, 2023

Obu x Distinction win two BIMA awards

Last night was one for our history books, as we came away with not one, but two BIMA (British Interactive Media Association) awards for our work with Obu.
We made the top 100 most flexible companies list
January 26, 2023

We made the top 100 most flexible companies list

We are delighted to announce that we have been recognised as one of the most flexible, emerging companies to work for in 2023.
Distinction is officially accredited for our flexible working and benefits
October 31, 2022

Distinction is officially accredited for our flexible working and benefits

We're delighted to announce that Distinction has officially achieved ‘Flexification’ – the hallmark of a genuinely flexible company.
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