Sustainability policy

We are regularly reviewing and attempting to reduce our impact on the environment, looking at new and better ways of doing what we do.

We are in the process of attaining B Corp status and subscribe to the principles stainability and thephilosophy of continuous improvement.

Supply chain

We regularly evaluate our supply chain, and where possible seek to work with those that prioritise sustainability.


Where we have the control to do so, we use sustainable energy.

We make environmentally friendly decisions with respect to transport and travel. We only buy what we need and recycle, or re-sell unwanted items and buy second hand products where available or appropriate.

We also consider the environmental impact of our potential clients and take that into consideration when deciding whether or not to work with them.

When creating digital products, we aim to minimise our carbon impact through effective development and technology stack selection. This includes removing or optimising old code, removing unnecessary images or videos that autoplay, choosing environmentally friendly hosting, and so on.


We are ‘remote first’ - our team choose when to come into the office. This ensures a healthy work life balance and reduces the need for travel.


We aim to build a strong valuable brand, minimising debt and other liabilities. We treat all our suppliers fairly and pay on time. As such, we have an International ‘A’ grade credit rating, classed as ‘very low risk’.