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Day Zero Workshop

What is it?

A Day Zero Workshop is a powerful method we use to kickstart new client relationships, products, or initiatives. It's a fresh start where nothing exists yet. Just like digging the foundation for your future house, we lay the groundwork for your success.

How does it work?

Our Day Zero Workshop is a collaborative and structured process. We start by listening to your leadership team's aspirations and future ambitions. Then, we tailor a whole day of activities around visionary thinking to create shared purpose and align everyone strategically.

We also conduct focused workshops, such as product kick-offs, where we analyze your specific needs and goals. This helps us provide a more strategic product focus, ensuring success in the present while keeping the future in mind.

Throughout the workshop, we use various methods like lightning talks, empathy maps, brand positioning exercises, and customer journey mapping. These activities enable us to gain deep insights into your organization and customers, facilitating informed decision-making for your future plans.

Why do I need it?

By the end of our Day Zero Workshop, you will walk away with a clear understanding of your future vision and goals. We help you identify the key milestones needed to achieve your ambitions and align your team around a shared purpose.

Our workshop will produce actionable insights and deliverables, such as a product canvas or a strategic roadmap. These outputs will guide your team in making informed decisions and setting you up for success in your new client relationship, product development, or initiative.

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Chris Keane
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Claire Dunn
COO, Obu

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