Mobile App development

Mobile devices offer unprecedented opportunities for businesses to connect with their audience.

Why do I need mobile development services?

A well-designed mobile app can serve as a launchpad for business growth.

Time constraints

We are prepared to collaborate closely with you to establish a project timeline that aligns with your requirements.

Our agile development approach speeds up your app's journey to market, so you can generate revenues sooner.

Cross-platform compatibility

We can develop apps across multiple platforms including iOS, Android and the web.

This ensures you can reach your target audience in multiple ways, providing a unique competitive advantage.

Quality assurance

We prioritise thorough quality assurance and testing to ensure the reliability of all the apps we build.

We want your project to be successful as much as you do, and a great experience relies on apps that work efficiently for the end user.

User-centric development

Underpinned by Design Thinking, our approach focuses on intuitive design, enhancing user engagement and loyalty.

This results in increased user retention and positive word-of-mouth, significantly enhancing the app's success and profitability.


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What makes us worth talking to?

Why choose Distinction?

One project, one team

We create a dedicated team to work exclusively on your project. From the moment we start working together, we're never distracted by other projects. It's all about yours.

Specialised focus

Unlike consultancies and full service agencies, we're focused 100% on creating and growing businesses using digital products and services. Our knowledge, systems and processes are finely tuned.

Full-service digital

Our expertise covers the full digital services mix, from user research, through design, development and testing, to ongoing support. There's no knowledge lost between phases. And we don't dabble in things we don't understand fully.

Transparent collaboration

Our team will work with you like it's an in-house team. Daily communication, transparent dashboards and agile boards, and shared Teams/Slack channels are the norm.

Tech with a creative edge

Every project team includes a blend of strategists, techies and creatives to ensure no stone is left unturned.
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Frequently asked questions

How do you handle project timelines and deadlines?

At the start of the project, we establish an overarching timeline with key milestones. Regular sprint planning and review meetings ensure that we are consistently aligned with these milestones. During these meetings, we assess progress, address any challenges, and adjust our plan as needed to meet the deadlines.

What is your approach to a development project?

We use agile methodologies in our development projects and our approach is centred around flexibility and collaboration.

We begin with a comprehensive discovery phase, where we work closely with you to understand your goals, target audience, and functional requirements. This phase sets the foundation for the project.

Following this, we break down the project into smaller, manageable iterations or 'sprints.' Each sprint focuses on a specific set of features or functionalities, allowing for rapid development.

What specific technologies and frameworks do you use?

We're agnostic. We use a range of modern technologies tailored to the project's needs, including:

  • Modern front-end technologies such as React, Vue, NextJS and Tailwind CSS
  • Leading backend technologies including .NET, Java and PHP
  • Native mobile development using Swift, React Native, Kotlin and Flutter
  • Scalable database services including Azure SQL, CosmosDB, MongoDB and others
  • Composable CMS platforms such as, Sanity, Prismic and Payload CMS
  • Best of need DXP systems such as Umbraco, Kentico and WordPress
  • Codeless prototyping solutions such as Webflow and Retool

This enables us to choose the right technology stack that aligns with the project's goals and the long-term vision.

You can read more about our technology partners here.

How do you approach web and mobile design differently, given the unique user engagement challenges in each platform?

The approach towards web and mobile design involves crafting intuitive designs tailored to the platform.

For web design, the focus is on creating a lasting digital impact, while mobile design emphasises seamless user engagement in a mobile-centric world.

The distinct strategies for each platform ensure an optimal user experience, irrespective of the device used.