Web development

A well-structured, responsive, and high-performing website is a direct reflection of a company's commitment to its audience and the quality of its offerings.

Selecting our studio for web development means choosing a safe pair of hands who push boundaries with modern technology.

Over the years, we've been instrumental in bringing to life digital platforms for diverse businesses, including many high-profile collaborations. Our expertise ensures a synthesis of robust back-end functionality with front-end finesse.

Our approach to web development is holistic. We begin with a deep understanding of your unique business needs and challenges. This, coupled with our commitment to user-centric Design Thinking and Agile methodologies, ensures swift iterations and enhancements based on user feedback and evolving business objectives. Our suite of sophisticated tools and our team of experts work in tandem to create websites that are not just responsive but also scalable, anticipating the needs of tomorrow.

For high-growth startups, particularly in sectors undergoing technological disruption, the website is often the first touchpoint for potential customers and stakeholders. We recognise the pivotal role it plays, and our solutions are designed to make that first impression count, facilitating user journeys that are intuitive, engaging, and conversion-oriented.

If you're looking to create or revamp your digital footprint with a website that resonates with your audience and stands out in the crowded digital space, get in touch today.

Success stories

Recent examples of our work

Creating an immersive digital experience for an iconic brand
Macmillan Publishers

Creating an immersive digital experience for an iconic brand

Reinventing the digital experience for The Gruffalo, resulting in a 70% global increase in visitors.
Creating a disruptive digital product under the tightest of deadlines

Creating a disruptive digital product under the tightest of deadlines

Launching a disruptive new loan search service under the tightest of deadlines.
What makes us worth talking to?

Why choose Distinction?

One project, one team

We spin up a dedicated team to work exclusively on your project. From the moment we start working together, we're never distracted by other projects. It's all about yours.

Specialised focus

Unlike consultancies and digital agencies, we're focused 100% on the creation and growth of digital products. Our knowledge, systems and processes are finely tuned.

Full product lifecycle

Our expertise covers the full product development lifecycle, from research, through design, development and launch, to ongoing support. There's no knowledge lost between phases.

Transparent collaboration

Our team will work with you like it's an in-house team. Daily communication, transparent dashboards and agile boards, and shared Teams/Slack channels are the norm.

Tech with a creative edge

Every project team includes a blend of strategists, techies and creatives to ensure no stone is left unturned.

Industry recognition


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Frequently asked questions

What specific technologies and frameworks do you use?

We're agnostic. We use a range of modern technologies tailored to the project's needs, including:

  • Modern front-end technologies such as React, Vue, NextJS and Tailwind CSS
  • Leading backend technologies including .NET, Java and PHP
  • Native mobile development using Swift, React Native, Kotlin and Flutter
  • Scalable database services including Azure SQL, CosmosDB, MongoDB and others
  • Composable CMS platforms such as Kontent.ai, Sanity, Prismic and Payload CMS
  • Best of need DXP systems such as Umbraco, Kentico and WordPress
  • Codeless prototyping solutions such as Webflow and Retool

This enables us to choose the right technology stack that aligns with the project's goals and the long-term vision.

You can read more about our technology partners here.

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